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Innaugural IAFL Group

Southern Italian Americans

What is SIA?

As each year passes, the generation of Italian-Americans who ran our predecessor organizations, age and retire out of these organizations. This leaves an ever increasing demand and importance for the next generation of young Italians who must step into these leadership positions and carry the torch for the future of our Italian organizations.

SIA is a professional group of aspiring young Italians who aim to be leaders in business, politics, faith, family and last but not least, leaders in the furthering of our Italian organizations. This group is open to young Italians from the ages of 21-40. 

*Note: some events will take place in locations only available to 21+. All local, state, and federal laws regarding the admittance of minors in these locations will be adhered to.*

The goal of SIA is to help young Italians to:

  • Make lasting business connections

  • Learn to handle themselves in professional settings (attire, language, etiquette, etc.)

  • Learn more and get in touch with their Italian/Sicilian heritage

  • Learn leadership and business skills

  • Have fun!


SIA of the St. Expedite Lodge is the pioneer in young-adult centered engagement and member activity on a national scale. We are setting the standard and are creating a template for the other organizations to nationally implement to get more of their young Italian population involved. Join us to be a part of the beginning of a national movement that will surely make history!

What to expect

From monthly dinners/networking mixers, business connection opportunities, trips to leadership conferences, and so much more, you can expect to get a lot from SIA!

What is included:

  • New Year Mixer (January)

  • Spring Serata (Spring)

  • Festa Italia (Summer)

  • Trip to Italia (Summer)

  • Networking dinners/mixers (year-round)

  • Opportunity to connect with business owners/local leaders

  • Italomericon Conference (January 2023)

  • LSU Tailgating (Fall)

  • Festa di Capodanno (Winter)

Ready to join?

Click the button below to become a member today!

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