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Why Join?

One of the staples of being Italian is our sense of community. Now more than ever do people long for that sense of oneness and connection. The St. Expedite Lodge seeks out to provide that and more! The St. Expedite Lodge is more than just your nonno's Italian club. Here are just a few of the things that the St. Expedite Lodge is a part of:

  • Member of the American Italian Federation of the Southeast (AIFEDSE)

  • Recipient of National Italian American Foundation's (NIAF) Voyage of Discovery (VOD) annual scholarship

  • Proud partner with the Italian American Future Leaders (IAFL) 

  • Close connections with American Italian Association of Baton Rouge (AIA), Italian American Marchers of Baton Rouge (Spanishtown), Italian American St. Joseph Society (IASJS) and parade marching group in New Orleans, Gulf Coast Italian American Cultural Society (GCIACS), Cefalutanà Society, Metairie Bocce Club, and many others!

What do I get from joining?

Here are some of the benefits of joining the St. Expedite Lodge:

  • Monthly national newsletter delivered to your home

  • Exclusive access to Lodge events

  • Networking and connecting with those in our community, locally and nationally!

  • Access to scholarship opportunities (NIAF VOD, IAFL Annual Convention, etc.)

  • A sense of family and togetherness with those who share a love for our amazing culture

With so many fantastic things happening in the IA community, NOW is a better time than ever to be part of something bigger than yourself... to help usher in the new (and better) era of being Italian American!




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