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Our Story

With over 17.8 million Italian-Americans in the US, and over 220,000 of those being in Louisiana, it is important now more than ever for us to come together to reform the community that our ancestors had when they first came to this country. Highlighting things such as heritage, culture, cuisine, sacrifice, family values, faith, and family became the foremost importance as generation after generation lost touch with what their ancestors held sacred.

Founded in 2021, the St. Expedite Lodge sought to do just that. 

We work to educate the public on what it really means to be Italian-American, honor the sacrifices our ancestors made, pass tradition on to the youth, and seek to bring back the amazing values found in the Italian-American families that helped make America the greatest country in the world.

Italian Ambassador Mariangela Zappia


At the St. Expedite Lodge, we believe the most important thing is the continuance of Italian/Sicilian traditions & values being passed on to the next generation. The great organizations that preceded lodges like the St. Expedite Lodge weakened and collapsed as generations got older and lost touch with their heritage. Our primary focus is on engaging with the youth to bring back (even stronger) the pride Italian-Americans had in the 20th century.

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