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Our Programs

Making a Difference

Fundraising bricks for Sicilian Monument

Honoring our Ancestors

Monument to the Sicilian harvester

To honor the thousands of Italian/Sicilian immigrants who came to the South (specifically in Louisiana) and worked on plantations as farmers, we are teaming with the American Italian Federation of the South East to raise money for a monument to those immigrants. This monument will be placed at Houma's House. Fundraising bricks may be purchased, which will surround the monument once completed.


Engaging the Youth

The St. Expedite Lodge, through the American Italian Federation of the South East, grants one student (ages 18-24) the ability to go on the National Italian American Foundation's "Voyage of Discovery". This is a 2 week trip to Italy (all expenses paid) that gives the recipient an immersive experience into all of the amazing things Italy has to offer. 


  • Be of Italian/Sicilian descent

  • Be a member of NIAF

  • Never been to Italy before

  • Must be enrolled as a student

  • Must be within the age range of 18-24

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